Senior Project Requirements

The Senior Project may be initiated during the junior year, but must be completed before graduation.  It will consist of a project with a written description and summary.  Pictures may be included.  Seniors need to submit their idea for approval before proceeding.  The project may be chosen from, but is not limited to, the following choices. The project must show initiative and effort by the student, and the written summary must explain the purpose and learning outcomes. 

Some ideas to choose from:

1. A mission trip (separate from Youth Group)
2. A project to help a group of people by soliciting donations to fill a need
3. A community service project, aside from school requirements
4. A project to raise money for a worthy cause
5. A project to raise awareness for a worthy cause
6. Any interview with someone in a career you may be interested in.
7. A job shadow
8. A learning project: a research project
9. An entrepreneur venture
10. Learn a new skill by volunteering in an apprenticeship-type position
11. Volunteer in an institution such as a nursing home, daycare, food bank, homeless shelter, etc
12. Volunteer work for a charitable organization (i.e., Habitat for Humanity)
13. Volunteer to work for an election campaign
14. Complete a construction/remodeling/sewing project
15. Create and build an original device/machine to accomplish some task
16. Design and carry out a plan to improve/remedy an existing situation
17. Do work for/socialize with a handicapped/invalid/elderly person
18. Mentor a child/be a “Big Brother” or “Big Sister”
19. Work with a child needing ongoing academic help
20. Create or help with an organized evangelistic outreach in the community.

Your written synopsis should be very detailed and clearly written.  It may include pictures to show various aspects of your project, with captions explaining each.  Your summary should be written up in two separate parts and included in your PREP binder. 

Part 1: Due at end of 1st Trimester:  

A. Write up a paper telling what you intend to do for your Senior Project. This should be typed out and should tell why you are choosing this activity and what you hope to gain from this experience.

B. Write out a plan listing the steps you will need to take to set up your project. This should also be typewritten.

Part 2: Due at end of May: 

Write up a summary of your Senior Project experience.  Tell how you proceeded in your project and your learning outcomes.  Discuss what you gained from this project.  This must be typewritten.

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