Scrip Introductory Letter


Scrip Inventory 12/13/12









What is Scrip?

Consider using the program to help CWCA make a little money at no extra cost or time on your part. Just partner with our school and every month you can use scrip cards for gifts and your every day grocery and gas purchases. You receive the card at face value and the company donates a percentage of your purchase to our school. It's that easy!

Scrip is just another term for gift cards. Scrip fundraising is an easy, no-selling program that allows families to raise money for non-profit organizations (NPOs) by using gift cards, or scrip, to pay for everday purchases.

Families buy gift cards at face value from their NPO, and the NPO purchases them for less than face value through Great Lakes Scrip Center. The NPO keeps the difference, and that's how money is raised.

Families raise funds while they shop by using gift cards instead of cash, checks or credit cards at their favorite retailers. With a huge variety of brands to choose from, scrip makes an easy addition to any shopping routine. Just by regularly using scrip for their weekly purchases, a single family can generate $500 or more in rebates in one year!

Put your shopping dollars to work.

Join our scrip program today!