The primary purpose of our educational program is to incorporate a Christian perspective in all the subjects we teach, and to lead the children to see God’s hand in every aspect of life and the creation He has given us. The preschool curriculum will include:
Pre-reading and pre-math, Bible stories, social skills, language development, large and small motor development, social studies/science concepts, art and music. We teach the traditional manuscript type of printing at CWC Preschool.

3 Year old Curriculum & Goals (PDF)

4 Year old Preschool Curriculum & Goals (PDF)

Conduct Standards/Discipline Policy:

Children will be coached in such social skills as sharing, cooperation, and kindness. Children will be taught to respect and obey adults. Emphasis will be on teaching appropriate behavior. To facilitate these social skills we use behavior cards. Behavior cards are a method of making children aware of their responses to correction. Each child has a set of four cards, progressing from a Smiley Face to time out. If they don’t respond to correction, they flip a card. The intent is to help them check their behavior before they reach the Time Out card.

Physical punishment will not be administered at CWC Preschool. Parents will be informed of any problems a child may have at school. In the event that a child is unmanageable or disrespectful to the point that the class is disrupted or other children’s well-being is threatened, the child’s parents will be called. If the child is upset and unable to regain composure, the parents ill also be contacted to come and pick up their child. In order to promote the best learning environment for everyone, the preschool teacher will have the prerogative at the end of two weeks o to determine if a child is able to adjust to a school environment and/or meet his/her learning expectations.