Prep Requirements For Graduation

In preparation for whatever new endeavors graduating seniors may be embarking upon,  they are required to compile this list of essays, letters, and documents in a binder. Some of these items are simply ones that they will need to have ready for applications or admissions.  Others will be the result of thinking about and planning for their future.  Hopefully, seniors will find this exercise both helpful and enriching.

A. End of 2nd Trimester, Senior Year
1.         A written set of goals for 1 year after graduation.
2.         A written set of goals for 5 years after graduation.
3.         Results of an online aptitude test.
4.         A completed application for employment.
5.         A completed application for a college/trade school admission.
6.         At least one completed scholarship application.
7.         An up to date resume.
8.         Results from an ACT or SAT test, if college bound.
9.         Copies of transcripts, birth certificate, immunization record, food handlers permit, and CPR/First Aid certificate.
10.       Letters of reference from 3 people who have known you for at least 3 years.  At least one should be from a work or academic setting.
11.       A written self-portrait; describing your personality, character, interests, and anything else that gives a clear picture of who you are.
12.       Senior project- part 1
13.       FAFSA:  A completed financial student aid form.(if college bound)
14.       A two-page essay entitled, “What is Good Leadership?”  - double-spaced.
15.       A two-page essay entitled, “Involved Citizenship.” - double-spaced.
16.       A Bible verse that is a life verse for you and a one-page essay telling why.
17.       An autobiography of your life thus far.


B.End of 3rd Trimester, Senior Year

18.       Copies of high school service hours.
19.       Eight examples of your best work in grades 9-12, including 1 research paper used for a Power Point Presentation, 6-8 pages in length.
20.       A written testimonial about your journey with Christ thus far that you will give orally at your graduation.
21.       Senior project – Part 2

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