General Information

1. Attendance

Please call the school or the preschool teacher if your child is ill and will not be in school. Please let the preschool teacher know ahead of time if your child will be missing school for other reasons; this assists in planning and starting on time. 

2. Arrival and dismissal times

The 3 year old students will attend the morning class from 8:15-11:15 and the 4 year old students will attend the afternoon class from 12:00 to 3:00.  If the student is an all day preschool student they will attend from 8:00 to 3:00.

3. Extra Clothing

Please pack a set of extra clothing in your child’s backpack in case of accidents. The clothing will stay in the backpack.

4. Snacks

Parents will be asked to help provide healthy snacks on a rotating schedule.

5. Injuries

Minor injuries will be attended to at school. In case of a more serious injury, parents will be notified immediately.

6. Contagious illness or parasites

In the event that your child contacts a contagious illness or parasite, such as lice or worms, please notify the school immediately of the situation and what is being done to rectify this situation. Confidentiality for the sake of the student and family will be enforced.

7. Fire Safety

Emergency exit instructions will be posted in the classroom, and fire drills will be conducted twice per year.

8. School closure

In case of bad weather or poor road conditions, all parents will be notified of school cancellation or a late start by listening in on a local TV station. (KNDO or KAPP)

9. Dismissal procedure

Please noted that your child will not be released until you or other arranged persons come inside to pick them up. Please wait outside the door for the teacher to release your child.  If you must leave early, please knock on the door and let the teacher know.  This helps to make sure the children have all their items and allows the teacher to pass on any messages to you. Early drop offs are not allowed unless arrangements have been made with the teacher.

10. Shared custody

If parents have shared custody of a student, the school should have on file a copy of the shared custody agreement. Both parents must sign the financial agreement.