Admission Policy

CWC Preschool desires that each student receives a quality education, has a very positive experience in a Christ-centered environment, and is nurtured in his/her faith walk with Jesus.  We will not allow discrimination against any student in any form or manner.  For any child with special needs, we will try to determine if the child can best be served at CWC Preschool.  Children entering the preschool program must be at least 3 years old by the first day of school, and must be toilet trained.  All children are required to have an up to date immunization record or certificate of exemption in their file. This must be on file with the registration information.

Your child will not be allowed to attend school without this being prior to the first day of school.  In order to promote the best learning environment for everyone, the preschool teacher will have the prerogative at the end of the two weeks to determine if a child is able to adjust to a school environment and/or meet his/her learning expectations.

The general procedure for admissions is as follows:
Interested families should request to receive an application.  Applications are mailed out April 1 and will be reviewed at the April School Barod meeting.  Priority consideration will be given to families with siblings in our school first, then all other applicants.

Registration forms will be sent out after acceptance and must be returned with the material fee, student information sheet and immunization record to ensure a spot.