Fundraising is an essential component of the financial structure of our school budget.  We use our fundraising money to pay salary taxes, our copier expenses, as well as general operating expenses.  Fundraising keeps tuition as low as possible. Every one must take part in helping raise this extra money.

Below you will find the fundraiser commitment form for families that have only preschool students.  This is just a sample form and the fundraisers therein are subject to change from year to year.  Families will be presented with this form at the beginning of each year and will be notified of any changes.



CWCA Pre-School  2012/2013 School Year 
Fundraiser Participation Commitment Contract

Please initial your choice for each of the following fundraisers:

CWCA ANNUAL AUCTION:  Our 7th annual Hometown Auction Extravaganza will be held at the Zillah Civic Center in November.
________             I choose to obtain a minimum of 3 auction items; sell a minimum of 8
________             Please add $150 to my tuition for nonparticipation in this event.

Sales:  We will be having 2 sales this year.  Butterbraids will be sold in November (in time for the holidays) and Little Caesar’s in February.  Each family is required to sell a minimum of 10 items between the two selling fundraisers.  You can mix and match from the sales or sell all 10 items in one fundraiser. It is up to you, as long as you sell a minimum of 10 items.  In the event that you do not sell 10 items, we will pro-rate the fee for the unsold items.
________             I choose to sell a minimum of 10 items
________             Please add $100 to my tuition for non-participation 


Fundraising at CWC Preschool is an essential component of our budget.  We use the funds raised to help pay salaries, copier expenses, taxes and other general operating expenses. It is a requirement of all CWCA preschool families to take part in this vital part of our budget. A nonparticipation fee will be added to your tuition statement if you do not wish to participate.

I agree to the above terms of the CWCA fundraiser commitment policy. I am willing to participate in the fundraisers or pay the nonparticipation fee for each fundraiser as listed above. I understand that if I do not participate in each of the required fundraisers, a nonparticipation fee will be added to my tuition statement.


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