Our Mission

To enable children to view the world and all knowledge through the perspective of God’s Word, to lead children to live daily life through Spirit-led faith in Jesus Christ through the development of each child’s unique gifts and talents.

To provide an environment where students gain wisdom, grow in character, develop confidence and value learning.

From the Principal

I believe that instilling the Bible as a foundation will lead to success in every area of life. My greatest goal is to present the challenge of the Bible to the kids in such a way that it will impact every aspect of their lives – their relationships, their schoolwork, their choices, their attitudes, and ultimately, their future.

My greatest goal for the kids is that they accept the challenges of the Bible and determine to treat all people with respect, to act responsibly and with integrity, to apply themselves diligently in order to get a good education, and ultimately, to impact their world by exemplifying Godly principles in all aspects of their lives.

Judy Wangemann