CWCA began as part of a vision Pastor Connor had for Christian Worship Center.  He envisioned a complete ministry center that included Christian education for its families. After years of praying and waiting, God provided, and in 1999, a Christian school was started.

CWCA started in two Sunday School rooms with 13 students and 3 teachers.  It opened its doors with four preschoolers, three kindergarteners and six students in grades 1-6. 
Throughout the years we’ve continued to grow until we’ve reached our current enrollment of 16 preschoolers and 60 students in grades K-12.  In 2005 we changed our name from CWC Elementary to CWC Academy because it became clear that God was expanding our vision.  That was the first year that we enrolled high school students.

Space has always been an issue as we’ve grown and split off classes.  We’ve had some interesting “spaces”. The high school had class in the church foyer for 1½ years. The kids got used to setting up and taking down tables. In it’s first year, the mid-school had cardboard dividers for walls in the Fellowship Hall. In 2006, the church partnered with the school to start construction on a building that would eventually house the middle school and the high school. The new building was fully occupied starting in August of 2008. We hope to one day have everyone under one roof and give the Sunday School rooms back to the church.  

It is because of the solid support of so many good people and God’s faithful guidance and provision that CWCA is a solid institution committed to raising up well-educated, Kingdom-minded young leaders fit and ready for service to the King. We’ve had a lot of good times: Penny Carnivals, Christmas parties, class trips, science experiments gone bad, unique class experiences, amazing chapel experiences, and just a few hard times mixed in to test our faith and character. Through it all, we’ve seen God’s hand, felt His Presence, and been thankful for His faithfulness.  We continue to press forward doing what He’s called us to do for His honor and His kingdom purposes.