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We have chosen to sell Butterbraids again for Christmas. This fundraiser will start some time in November after the auction. The pastries will arrive before we leave for Christmas break on the December 13th. Each family is required to sell a minimum of 10 items from any of our selling fundraisers. If you would like to opt out of the selling fundraisers a $100.00 fee will be added to your account.

Butterbraids are a buttery flakey pastry filled with cream cheese or fruit. They are delicious and easy to make. They make great gifts as well as a delicious addition to a holiday meal or special occasion.

Butterbraid sales start this week!

We have to get going on the Butterbraid sales this week in order to have them back for Christmas.  The next fundraiser will be in February.  All orders must be turned in by Tuesday, November 20th, before Thanksgiving break.  I will be placing the orders over the break, so if you have something come in late, make sure to call me and let me know right away.

Remember that you are required to sell 25 items throughout the year, this can be all Butterbraids or a combination of Butterbraids and Pizza Kit orders in February. Setting a personal goal of at least 10 butterbraids would be a good idea, but again it is your choice of how many of each item you sell.