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CWCA's 10th Annual Silent Auction and Dessert Social

CWC Academy will be holding our 10th Annual Silent Auction and Dessert Social Fundraiser on October 24th  here at the Christian Worship Center.  We look forward to the support of all the families attending CWC Academy this year. The money raised will be used for the general fund to help meet our budget for the year.

Many volunteers are needed to make this event a success.  You have already had  an opportunity to sign up to work a shift and/or coordinate an area of the auction at the orientation meeting.  If you did not make the meeting, there is a sign-up sheet for shifts on the bulletin board next to the school office.  Please take a minute to come in and sign up.  Shifts will be assigned closer to the auction if you do not sign up.  Remember, all families are required to work one shift at the auction, get 5 donations for the auction and sell a minimum of 10 dessert social tickets. Donate one VERY NICE dessert or if you prefer you may donate $20 and we will purchase the ingredients and make a dessert for you. Dessert tickets will be printed and distributed to the families at a later date. Income from this event is vital to helping CWCA meet the budget for the year. If you choose not to participate in this fundraiser a $250.00 nonparticipation fee will be added to your tuition.

Donations can be anything you think people would be interested in purchasing.   Ask your friends, family and local business for donations.  We have had good support from the surrounding communities in the past years.  Donation receipts are included with this letter. Please fill this out upon getting the donation and give it to your donor for their own tax purposes. Our tax ID number is located at the bottom.   A donation form for our log book is also included and must be filled out and handed in to Barb with your donations. These log sheets are very important to the success of the auction.  If you do not turn in a log sheet with your donation, you will be asked to fill one out in the office when you drop off your donation. Please let Barb know if you need more donation log sheets or receipts.

Thank you in advance for helping us make this auction fundraiser a success!  Please feel free to call Barb in the CWCA office, 829-6935, if you have any questions or ideas.